Megaflex- Modern, comprehensive service solution for managing the flow of people in buildings

Modern Access Control


Visma Megaflex Oy is a modern and up-to-date, leading supplier of access control and premises security offering SaaS software services and IoT solutions.

Megaflex is a modern service for managing people’s access to buildings. Megaflex property management has separate solutions for many companies' security needs. The system is easy to deploy and does not require servers from the client. Megaflex is a modern, flexible and cost-effective solution for every day use.

A modern cloud service

Megaflex is an all-new Software as a Service, or SaaS, solution. Megaflex is a cloud service, so no major hardware investments are needed. All solutions are accessible in the same web browser interface. To make the solution as easy and cost-effective for you to use, we take care of the maintenance as a service.

Information security

Megaflex has a high level of information security in all circumstances. We work with several different professional organizations for testing and to continually receive information about current and new threats from the world.


Because of its modern structure, Megaflex can easily be integrated into complex environments. Integrating with various systems in use is efficient and it saves time.

Remote maintenance

Megaflex can be maintained remotely. Large masses of buildings can easily be managed with one service.

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Why Megaflex?

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