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The Visma InSchool programs form an efficient, versatile and reliable software entity. Visma InSchool is number one in the market of school administration software in Finland.

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General info about Visma InSchool

Our package is full of solutions even for the most demanding situations! Visma InSchool’s cost-effective software is a well-known success story in Finland, a success that can be ascribed to our strong industry expertise and hard work to ensure the best for our customers. We develop our programs continuously, partly based on feedback from the customers.
We also offer an easy and effortless Hosting service, which means that you’ll save time and money by letting us maintain the hardware. The Visma InSchool Helpdesk is available 9-16 on weekdays, and we also offer user training all year round so you get the most out of our software.


Wilma is a safe web service where all kinds of information can be shared in real-time. The information is mirrored from Primus and Kurre, e.g. personal data, schedules, attendance and messages. And every piece of data that is registered through Wilma is saved in Primus and Kurre. Students, guardians, teachers and the administration are all active users of Wilma, and every school can customize what information to show and when.

  • Register for school and courses
  • The information is always at hand
  • A flexible way of communicating
  • Access Wilma wherever you are with the app!


Primus is the core program of the three: it is the register where the administration and the teachers save all their daily work and planning. It is a very customizeable program holding all data on the students, teachers and staff as well as the courses, selections, grades, certificates, invoices, statistics, school transports and so much more!

  • Everything is organised in one place
  • No extra data transfers: statistics and reports in the blink of an eye
  • Information collected from users in Wilma through electronic forms
  • Versatile and flexible with endless possibilities


PrimusQuery is an add-in for Primus, allowing you to make automated as well as manual queries in Primus - once an hour or once a month, it is up to you! By using, for instance, the timer function of your browser you can collect reports on basically any data in Primus. This data can then also be exported in CSV or HTML format. Importing data to Primus in XML format is easy as well. PrimusQuery is available for both Windows and Linux.

  • Data transfers to learning environments and salary systems
  • Data transfers to invoicers
  • PrimusQuery delivers information on request from other programs
  • One system is enough


Kurre is the place for creating schedules, planning ahead and keeping track of teachers’ and students’ work hours. Kurre is fully integrated with Primus but can also be used on its own. With Kurre you can be sure that lessons don’t collide and bookings don’t overlap. And you can plan the next academic year in the park or at the beach!

  • Perfect for co-operation between schools
  • Compatible with iCal
  • Schedule editing also in Wilma
  • Very versatile when searching, organizing and printing information


Our Hosting service is the easiest way to handle the maintenance of the programs. All the server parts are placed on Visma’s servers, allowing the administration to concentrate on other things. The connections are encrypted and the server located behind firewalls, assuring that all data is safe.

  • We maintain the servers and handle the technical issues
  • Back-ups stored automatically
  • Cost-effective and time saving
  • All-in-one: the best school administration software and no fuzz


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