Numeron is a comprehensive solution for workforce management in demanding situations.

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Effective Workforce Management

Numeron provides tools for comprehensive personnel resource management, from shift planning to wage interpretation and management reporting. The system decreases manual labor by automating processes and improves job satisfaction by facilitating increased responsiveness to employee requests and preventing over and under resourcing. It can also help you ensure a high level of service even in changeable situations.

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The Right Choice for Demanding Circumstances

If a large number of personnel, shiftwork, and quickly changing situations create challenges for your operation, Numeron is the right choice for you. Numeron has been developed especially for personnel-intensive fields with no room for errors. We will respond to your challenges with more than 20 years of experience of demanding operating environments from public transportation to healthcare.

Improved Efficiency for Shift Planning

  • Numeron provides tools for workforce management from group level to team level, increasing transparency.
  • Optimization saves time in shift planning and ensures cost-effective results.
  • Automation increases the efficiency of day-to-day work planning and knowledge management.
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