Saima HR

Finland’s smartest HR management system is equally well suited for the needs of organisations big and small.

Saima HR has the following HR management processes covered:

  • Recruitments
  • Start of an employment relationship
  • Changes during an employment relationship
  • Competence development (management of competence and training, development discussions)
  • Ending of an employment relationship
  • Performance management

Finland's smartest HR system

Streamlined management of HR issues and information is part of the foundation on which to build an efficient organisation.

A well-planned and easy-to-use HR management information system supports the work of supervisors and HR management and gives the entire personnel the feeling that HR matters are being handled professionally. The ultimate benefits are reaped by your customers.

At the centre of HR management

  • Employees’ basic information
  • Work history, education, competences
  • Employment relationship details, pay, fees
  • Employment contracts and certificates
  • Reminders and approval procedures
  • Holidays and absences
  • Payroll calculation interface

Saima Rekry - Build up your professional image as an employer

Recruitment is often a laboursome process in which the most important element, or the person, is sometimes overlooked.

At best, well-managed and streamlined recruitment processes relying on electronic tools project an image of a professional employer that looks after its personnel from the start.

Using Saima Rekry saves time, which can be invested in genuine encounters at interviews, thus ensuring that you will hire the best and most suitable candidate.

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Saima HRM - Covers the full employment relationship lifecycle

Saima HRM brings specific benefits and advantages to different user groups and stakeholders. Supervisors, the HR department, employees themselves as well as company management and the IT department alike will all benefit from Saima and its high-quality electronic HR processes.

Our solution is smart and fast. Saima HRM is a standardised, easy-to-deploy and inexpensive system particularly suitable for organisations that prefer an off-the-shelf HR software solution.

Application leasing will minimise your software procurement and operation costs and also bring you the best practices of HR processes as a cloud service.

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Saima HRD – a versatile application for competence management and development

Appropriate tools will help your company to identify the competences you already have, to recognise the ones you are lacking, and to plan competence development in line with your strategy and objectives.

Competence management also promotes personnel motivation. When development discussions between supervisors and subordinates are supported with the proper tools, the actual discussion can focus on genuine encounters, listening and dialogue.

The performance management function will ensure the seamless interplay of goal-setting, performance monitoring and rewarding practices.

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Less effort with cloud services

Saima HR systems are provided as a cloud service and brought to you by application leasing, which makes them easy to deploy. New versions will be available to you without delay, and you only pay for what you use. There is no need to invest in hardware environments or licences.

The servers and data are located in Finland. To protect personal data, our information security is verified by audits.

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