Successful system delivery within a tight schedule


Being in charge for the traffic control and safety on railways, transportation planning and train passenger information, Finrail is a key player for the Finnish rail transport. The company was separated from the VR Group to act as its own entity in early 2015. Finrail has some 400 experts to schedule shifts for and their competencies are the key to producing safe and efficient services.

Finrail invited suppliers to bid, and Numeron WFM (Workforce Managemnet) system with its versatile features best met the needs of Finrail. With the system shift scheduling at Finrail is now more effortless, secure and cost-effective. Moreover, with a module for personnel, employees can keep track of, for example, their shifts, wishes regarding days off and the expiration of their qualification in real time.

"The starting point for the project was challenging as the separation from VR Group set a tight schedule and caused several changes in our information systems simultaneously. Numeron was able to provide us a system of the required level in a schedule that was set beforehand. "

– Director Jari Kantonen

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