Numeron WFM rises to the challenge of 24/7/365 operation


Falck is an international company whose mission, right from its conception in 1906, has been to prevent accidents, emergencies and diseases along with providing assistance in case of emergencies, accidents and sickness. In Finland, Falck owns ambulance services, several 24-hour call centres and towing services, for which it is the leading provider in the country. Finland’s professional towing network is specializing more and more in roadside assistance.

Falck is also expanding its operations into home safety. “Present in a safe day-to-day life” is a vision that Falck is hoping to achieve. Working hard towards making this a reality, the company already has over 100 employees in the home safety department in Finland in addition to the 200 people working in the towing and roadside assistance network. Falck wanted to make its time-consuming shift scheduling more effective and at the same time ensure that their employees were happy by taking into consideration their wishes regarding shifts and days off. With Numeron, they have been able to manage the shift-scheduling process more easily and ensure a fair outcome for everyone. Furthermore, the time needed for planning rosters has decreased significantly.

"We are in operation 24/7/365 and we must take into account that workload fluctuates according to the time of the day, day of the week and season. Moreover, there are several departments delivering our services. For that reason, the software used to schedule shifts and to work out the correct wages for hours worked must be powerful enough to tackle all of these challenges. With Numeron WFM we have been able to meet them all. ”

– Financial Director Mikko Manninen

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