Workforce Management

In today’s world, shift planning alone is not enough. Therefore, Numeron WFM includes everything you need for modern workforce management.

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Shift Planning

Effective shift planning is key, especially in large, personnel-intensive organizations. Numeron WFM helps to accommodate the various tasks, shifts and requirements.

  • Scheduling shifts
  • Planning rosters
  • Personnel portal: work and absence requests, two-way communication and time entry

Day-to-Day Work Planning

Need a temp? Numeron WFM can recommend the most suitable replacements for employees who have fallen ill, considering competence, employment contracts, working hour regulations as well as wage factors. Employees can be called to work directly from the system.

  • Adjustable codes and collective agreement interpretations
  • Know-how management
  • Integrated two-way communication
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Vacation Planning

Numeron WFM is also suitable for long-term resource planning. The system can be used to automate vacation planning increasing its efficiency and ensuring that the employees’ vacation requests are handled impartially.

  • Vacation requests
  • Availability requirements

Wage Interpretation

With Numeron WFM, you can handle the entire workforce management process, including wage interpretations. Due to the wage rules entered into the system, the interpretations can be created automatically according to the actual work carried out.

  • Worktime entry
  • Wage rules
  • Interfaces to HR, wage, and financial management systems

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