Optimization improves the efficiency of the workforce management process, especially in personnel-intensive organizations.

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Optimization for Shift Planning

Due to optimization, work schedules can be distributed amongst the personnel so that the end result is as cost-effective as possible. Optimization can provide the following benefits, for example:

  • Periodic working hours are as close to the target number as possible without expensive surpluses or deficits.
  • Increased job satisfaction: work and absence requests are considered impartially, free hours are maximized
  • The best possible employee is assigned to each job according to expertise and suitability.


Optimization automates shift planning, leaving more time for supervisors to focus on development and management. Automation significantly decreases time used on planning and enables the creation of alternative shift plans emphasizing different factors. Various alternatives can be compared in advance to choose the best one, for example, based on costs or the realization of shift requests.


Automation also enables the centralization of shift planning, even in larger organizations. All the information required for planning is entered into the system precisely: the restrictions caused by legislation, employment agreements and the company’s practices, knowledge of the personnel and the expertise required by various jobs. Centralization helps to standardize practices throughout the organization and frees the supervisors’ time for their core objectives.

Mathematical Optimization

Shift planning is one of the most challenging mathematical problems in existence. Therefore, our optimization is based on doctoral level knowledge and international research of the highest level and its efficacy has been proven in scientific performance tests. Our highly developed optimization algorithms save your organization’s time and enable cost savings amounting to a minimum of five percent compared to manual shift planning.

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