Opportunities for employee influence provide competition benefits

Elenia is an electricity distribution company responsible for supplying the homes of around 400,000 customers in Finland. There are approximately 100 employees working in Elenia’s customer service department and the smooth and appropriate resourcing of the personnel is managed with Numeron WFM. Employees have their own personal user interfaces in use for submitting their wishes regarding shifts in a convenient and straightforward way.

"Employees want more and more freedom when balancing their work and personal life these days. There is tough competition amongst the best employees and increasing demand for effective workforce management. The use of good tools means more time available for senior staff to offer training to their teams. "

–Head of Customer Service Sanna Öörni

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Suostun siihen, että henkilötietojani käsitellään tässä kuvatulla tavalla ja että Visma voi lähettää minulle sähköpostia aiheista joihin olen osoittanut kiinnostusta.

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