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Megaflex has software modules for many different uses. Choose the modules that best meet your needs. All modules are available through the same browser-based interface.

Access Control image

Access Control

Manage people flow flexibly and efficiently in real time

Time Management image

Work Time Management

Enhance and automate work site tracking by using Megaflex

Room Reservation image

Camera Surveillance

Monitor real estate security in real time and in a modern way

Room Reservation image

Intrusion Alarm

This module enables real time monitoring of alarms and event logs for intrusion alarms

Room Reservation image

Fire and Safety

With this module you can monitor alarm information and event logs in real time

Room Reservation image

Security Monitoring

From this control view, you can monitor the security situation in real time with the help of graphic floor plans

Room Reservation image

Room Reservation

Book meeting and work spaces easily via Megaflex

Visitor Management image

Visitor Management

Automate and modernize your business lobby services with modern visitor management

Worksite Management image

Worksite Management

Enhance and automate work site tracking by using Megaflex

Building Services image

Building Services

Manage conditions such as heating, air conditioning and light in a modern way

Catering Services image

Catering Services

Streamline, automate and speed up catering services with Megaflex

Parking image


Make full use of parking spaces by using this module

Project Management image

Project Management

Accurate planning, scheduling and budgeting are effortless with this module

Communication image


Send announcements and communicate with your staff in a modern way