Advisory Services

On this page you can see the full list of advisory services provided by Visma. 

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Group reporting - Outsourcing services

  • Streamlining and rationalising group consolidation and group reporting processes
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements

Group reporting - Advisory services

  • Assistance with the preparation of group reporting instructions
  • Providing assistance to ensure that accounting policies and accounting manuals comply with all the requirements
  • Advise on mergers and acquisitions (e.g. purchase price allocations)

Services for companies operating in the securities market

Services for listed companies include:

  • Assisting and helping with preparation of consolidated financial statements, annual accounts and interim reports
  • Assistance in the preparation of annual report
  • Providing assistance to ensure compliance with Corporate Governance Recommendation for Listed Companies

Management services include:

  • Assisting with mergers and acquisitions
  • Assisting with interactions with local authorities
  • Financial due diligence
  • Management reporting
  • Participating in management team work

IFRS advisory services for group companies reporting under IFRS

We advise companies on technical and accounting and reporting issues, including:

  • Issues arising from proposed new IFRS requirements and analysis of the impact of new requirements 
  • Assistance and training with the implementation of new IFRS standards or interpretations
  • Complex accounting issues, including business combinations, financial instruments, stock-based compensation, impairment testing and deferred taxes
  • Preparation of statutory local financial statements

IFRS conversion services for first-time adopters

  • Impact analyses of IFRS
  • Assisting clients managing conversion to IFRS
  • Redesigning group reporting processes and chart of accounts
  • Providing assistance to ensure that accounting policies and accounting manuals comply with IFRS reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Providing assistance in preparing IFRS group reporting instructions
  • Preparation and presentation of the information required for the first set of IFRS financial statements
  • Advisory and training services
  • Assistance in complex accounting issues
  • Assistance in meeting local regulatory requirements in Finland