Working in an international environment where local knowledge is key

I feel privileged to work in an international environment where I never know from which corner of the world the next email or phone call will come from. At Visma we offer payroll and accounting services to many international companies operating in Finland.

As Visma is a Nordic company with a presence in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, we offer our Nordic customers a Nordic solution where the customer can if they want to, have one point of contact (a named key account manager). So this means that in my role as Payroll Manager, I get to discuss matters with my Nordic colleagues as well, and get a little bit better insight into local matters and procedures.

However, it’s important to still remember that all payroll work itself at Visma is done locally. The Nordic countries are sometimes deceptively similar, but just as the reasoning goes behind outsourcing in general, the idea is that the person whose job it is to stay up to date with legislative and other changes, does the work.

Satu Pääkkönen
Payroll Manager