Visma at Shares Services Center summit in Helsinki

Talentum Events organized a Shared Services Center (SSC) summit at the Finnish stock exchange on Wednesday 15th of June 2011. Visma was, along with other prestigious companies as Nokia, Deloitte and The Hackett Group, asked to hold a presentation during the summit. It was an honor for me to be chosen to showcase Visma Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) capabilities in Helsinki. My Name is Espen Vestli and I am Head of BPO Projects at Visma Services in Norway.

It was Visma Services first time to present their BPO model in a large SSC seminar in Finland. It is however natural that Visma participates in these events, as Visma is the largest service provider in the Finance, Accounting and Payroll BPO market in the Nordics. I find it particularly interesting to share ideas and views with potential new customers, and to show that Visma truly operate as a Nordic company. It seemed like all the participants at the event was thinking about, or was planning to establish a SSC for Finance and Accounting; however I believe that Visma brought some exciting experience and knowledge relating to do these tasks from centers in Romania and India.

Ulla Rantanen-Sund, Head of the International Department at Visma Services Oy, and Espen Vestli at the SSC venue

I believe Visma’s experience in SSC’s and the hard work being invested in detailed process-descriptions will establish us as a leader within this space in the Nordics. Particularly do we have a good model for Nordic SSC’s that now are ready to take a step further; outsourcing to Visma, with the potential to move transaction heavy tasks to a low-cost country.

As a company with real-life experience and hands-on knowledge, Visma should be the natural partner for any Nordic company looking to create, outsource or move a SSC.


Espen Vestli
Head of BPO Projects


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