4 syytä valita rekrytointijärjestelmä SaaS-palveluna

recruiting software

In 2017, very few companies still buy software.  After all, why pay a huge chunk of money up front, when you can pay a lower monthly fee only for the time you actually need the software?

That is what SaaS (Software as a Service) subscriptions are all about. In this post, we want to outline why we believe the model is best for you when it comes to recruiting solutions like an ATS as well.

  • Better liquidity: Everyone who has worked in a business knows that just looking at profits is not enough, and that cash flows and liquidity must be taken into account. If you have to tie up all your hard-earned cash into buying software today, there is less money left to invest in your actual core business.
  • Freedom of choice: Another huge drawback with buying software is the commitment. The longer you keep the software, the more you get out of your investment. At a first glance, this might look like a good thing. However, the supplier still needs to cover their costs, which just leads to this initial investment fee being much higher to account for users who stay on the solution for a long time. And even more important, it reduces the software provider’s incentive to continue innovation and support. With a SaaS solution, the provider has to keep fighting for you every day to keep your business.
  • Flexibility and scaling: When acquiring software in the traditional sense, you pay for what you get. If your needs changes over time, due to growth, new industries or different hiring practices, you often get a mismatch between the software you have and the software you need. With the SaaS model, you can easily change which version or functions you want to subscribe to, or in other words: continuously tailor your solution to fit actual, current needs.
  • Easier upgrade: First of all, having a SaaS solution usually includes free upgrades. You no longer have to worry about your software getting outdated unless you buy the new version. And maybe more important, the upgrade often involves a minimum of effort on your part. Upgrades are automatically handled by the provider, and you can enjoy the newest version the very same day.

In terms of recruiting, EasyCruit by Visma is a top choice for SaaS software on the Nordic market. The ease of implementation even reduces the initial cost in terms of both money and time to a bare minimum. And we will continue to prove ourselves every day because we know how easy the switch would be if we failed you. Try free 30 day.

Posted by Visma Enterprise Oy