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With large trends of globalization, international cooperation and candidates choosing jobs over location, offering a proper ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is more important than ever before.

Part of that is having an ATS that works for anyone, anywhere, both back- and frontend. For that reason, more and more ATS developers are creating their software with several language packages.

Us Finns know the language issue maybe better than anyone. First of all, we live in a country with two widely differing official languages. Second of all, business in Finland is heavily focused on international trade, recruiting and relations.

It is our job as recruiters and HR managers to help candidates show their best self. Imagine an otherwise excellent candidate with decent, yet imperfect, English. Her language skills might be more than good enough for daily work, and she brings everything else to the table. However, we all know that awkwardness of feeling inadequate with another language, and you don’t want her getting cold feet and close the application tab too early because she felt uncomfortable about it.

Already in 2014, more than 220,000 foreigners were living in Finland as reported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Thousands more are looking to move here, attracted by the high standards of living, exciting professional opportunities, and amazing nature. Others again might be looking to join a Finnish company with offices in their own home country.

Few ATS’s can match EasyCruit by Visma, with more than 40 languages so far, effectively supporting one or more major languages in a vast share of all countries. With already more than 600 customers, EasyCruit has grown into one of the largest players in Northern Europe. Among our larger international customers are DNB, Eniro and Handelsbanken, who all benefit from the international recruiting possibilities EasyCruit offer.

Or in the words of International IDEA (the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance):

“We recruit employees globally, and EasyCruit has been a very useful and efficient recruitment tool for us. Easy and simple to use, it saves time that we would otherwise have to spend training hiring managers.”

Don’t miss out on international talent, get an ATS that help them as candidates as much as it helps you as an employer.
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Posted by Visma Enterprise Oy