Top 5 reasons an ATS creates value

In a previous blog post, we already covered the basics of the processes that are solved through an ATS. If you haven’t already read if, we highly recommend you take two minutes to quickly skim through.

In this post, we want to go a bit further and talk about the actual value derived from using an ATS to improve your recruitment processes.

  • Improved candidate experience: Through diverse language support, customizable and relevant questions, mobile adaption, and issue-free forms, the candidate will have a more positive experience of the application process. This will reflect on their perception of the employer, increasing the probability of acceptance from those who got an offer, and future applications from those who almost made the cut.
  • Time saved through automated processes: If correctly set up, the ATS will usually take care of many of the tasks previously performed by recruiters, interviewers or HR. Examples of automated processes are receiving applications, scheduling interviews, and responses to the candidates.
  • Decrease the amount of interview: Through scoring and screening questions in the application form, the ATS can automatically rank or qualify candidates based on their qualifications. This allows the employer to focus on the right interviews.
  • Improve every time: Most ATS’s provide some kind of analytics and reporting tool. These tools will help the employer to learn and improve based on past recruitments. One example is using previous number of applicants for different positions to prioritize advertisement of similar future vacancies.
  • Easier collaboration: A hiring process will usually move through different steps, involving different internal personnel. By structuring everything through an ATS, you can make the process smooth and effective.

EasyCruit by Visma excels at all of these five points, and many more. Get in touch with us today if you are ready to improve the way you attract, screen and hire the right talent with ease!

Posted by Visma Enterprise Oy